Hannes Wiehager Lights and Shadows Interview

We are back with an excellent producer for our 7th Interview of Lights and Shadows Mix. Meet Hannes Wiehager, a fantastic artist from Stockholm, Sweden. We asked Hannes to write about his music career, musical knowledge, do's / don'ts in the music business.

Jever & Murray Lights and Shadows Interview

Jever & Murray from Denmark are providing us with 6th episode of Lights & Shadows Podcast. With upcoming releases on Friday Lights Music and other really cool labels - this duo is really something to watch for!

Modkraft’s Lights and Shadows Interview

AUSTRALIA The land of kangaroos and "Modkraft" a.k.a Nitesh Batra is entering our next interview. His music is becoming an interest of the biggest names in Techno world and it is AWESOME. Before his remix for the head of the label "Big Show" that coming out on 16/12/16 here is interview about a view from his eyes on his world of music.

Diamandy’s Lights and Shadows Interview

Head of this label Kirill Diamandy a.k.a Diamandy writing his words on the next interview of Lights and Shadows. Diamandy is a rising star at the Techno scene with a lot of releases in his catalog.

Kleber’s Lights and Shadows Interview

We present KLEBER, our next artist interview. Cleber Ribeiro is a promising Techno producer with a lot of reputation on the Techno scene. One of his release is in our catalog and its called "Kleber - Black Friday / Loco".

6 Steps to Sending the Perfect Demo Submission

You just finished a smashing new track and want to send it to a record label! But you don't know how or you did it in the past but never got a reply. Here's a guide to send the perfect demo submission in just six easy steps!

Steve Sai’s Lights and Shadows Interview

Our next interview comes from Greece, a lot of big names come from Greece such as, Axel Karakasis, A.Metz, Christian Cambas and so many more. The name you need to remember is Steve Sai.

The wonderful world of Techno

Ask all of your friends: 'But what is techno exactly?' and believe, many of them won't have the right answer. It's not like they really don't know what it is, but maybe they won't have the right words to describe it.

Alterville’s Lights and Shadows Interview

A lot of producers want to be famous and earn big $$$, who doesn't? Nowadays there is an influx of boring, burned out music that over saturates the market and we have to wait and sometimes drown in the sea of all of it.

Yehezkel Raz – Two Pärts review

Yehezkel Raz is an producer from Tel Aviv who is starting to really make waves in the saturated Israeli progressive scene. Those guys really know their onions, and with the likes of Guy Gerber, Sahar Z and Lonya among the glitterati, you quickly realise the quality on offer.